Diamond Points on 2.35mm Shank- HP Series

Diamond Points on 2.35mm Shank- HP Series

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Diamond Points on 2.35mm Shank. See images for sizes available. Not all points are online- Please contact us for availability.

Diamond points can be used on a whole range of materials including metals, gemstones, glass, stone, hard wood, ceramic, shell and porcelain. A universal tool. With a 2.35mm spindle these points are particularly suited to micromotors, flexible shaft systems, air tools etc. Ensure you tool either has a chuck or collet taking 2.35mm spindles.

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Diamond Points on 2.35mm

£3.24£11.78 incl VAT

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Diamond Points on 2.35mm

Diamond Points on 2.35mm otherwise known as 3/32” are very popular with jewellers due to the spindle size.

These points come in a range of shapes for grinding metals, ceramics, glass and even plastic.

Diamond being a very hard material, works very well for grinding and cutting metal. Diamond points are regularly used for deburring and edge breaking on metal.

They leave a better finish than carbide burrs and are available in smaller sizes for more detailed work.

Due to the wide range of materials diamond works on, these points are used by a huge range of industries. from precision engineering to jewellery making.

For Engineers

We also do a BM range on 3mm spindles which are more popular with precision engineers and other trades.

For Jewellers

This particular range of points are well suited to jewellers as they are on a 2.35mm spindle. Diamond points are great for engraving, removing excess solder and getting into very tight spots. They cut fast on precious metals.

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HP1 (1.6mm Dia.), HP1B (1.4mm Dia.), HP2 (2.7mm Dia.), HP2B (2.7mm Dia.), HP3 (2.5mm Dia.), HP4 (3.7mm Dia.), HP4B (2.7mm Dia.), HP5 (2.1mm Dia.), HP6 (2.7mm Dia.), HP7 (4.5mm Dia.), HP8 (4.7mm Dia.), HP9 (5.0mm Dia.), HP10 (2.5mm Dia.), HP11 (1.8mm Dia.), HP12 (2.5mm Dia.), HP13 (2.7mm Dia.), HP13B (2.7mm Dia.), HP14 (4.5mm Dia.), HP14B (4.2mm Dia.), HP14C (2.7mm Dia.), HP15 (5.0 mm Dia.), HP15B (4.2mm Dia.), HP15C (5.7mm Dia.), HP16 (6.5mm Dia.), HP17 (6.5mm Dia.), HP20 (6.5mm Dia.), HP21 (9.5mm Dia.), HP22 (10mm Dia.), HP23 (5.7mm Dia.), HP25 (7.0mm Dia.), HP26 (4.2mm Dia.), HP27 (6.0mm Dia.), HP27B (8.0mm Dia.), HP28B (9.5mm Dia.), HP31 (4.0mm Dia.), HP32 (6.0mm Dia.), HP33 (7.5mm Dia.), HP33B (9.5mm Dia.), HP34 (2.1mm Dia.), HP34B (1.6mm Dia.), HP35 (2.5mm Dia.), HP36 (2.7mm Dia.), HP99 (1.0mm Dia.), HP100 (1.2mm Dia.), HP101 (1.4mm Dia.), HP102 (1.6mm Dia.), HP103 (1.6mm Dia.), HP104 (1.4mm Dia.), HP105 (1.2mm Dia.), HP106 (1.6mm Dia.), HP830 (7.5mm Dia.), HPA (10.5mm Dia.), HPE (4.6mm Dia.)

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