Extended Mandrel metal polishing kit 16/17

Extended Mandrel metal polishing kit 16/17

£19.60 incl VAT

A kit for polishing metal. Select from:

Non-Ferrous Metal polishing Kit 16 – For Aluminium, Brass etc

Ferrous Metal polishing Kit 17 – For Steel, Stainless Steel

Felts manufactured in our factory in the UK

  • 20 off mixed felts (Felt sizes and shapes may vary)
  • 1 off Extended Tapered Spindle on a 6mm shank (perfect for a drill)
  • 1 off Polishing Compound
  • 1 off Cutting Compound

(contents may vary slightly from the image)

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£19.60 incl VAT

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Extended Mandrel polishing kit 16 for aluminium and Kit 17 for polishing Stainless steel

Used for polishing ferrous metals such as Steel and Stainless Steel. The felts come in a range of sizes which make them ideal for fitting into a range of shapes and sizes. Ideal for jobs such as bike renovation, for boats, classic cars, old metal frames, kitchen utensils, fireplaces, garden equipment, anything really that is metal (Beware of plated items as the metal coating is only very thin and may be worn through). For cutting and polishing up to a beautiful shine.

How to use Extended Mandrel polishing kit:

The black/brown compound is used first to flatten and prepare the metal. This stage is crucial to the final shine, so spend plenty of time. If there are deep scratches or heavy rust etc it is best to remove these with wet and dry (or deburring wheel, unitized wheels, abrasive lap disc mops) do this before using the black/brown compound. Follow the black/brown compound with a new felt loaded with pink/blue compound to bring it up to a high shine. To apply compound simply spin the felt against the compound bar, just a little coating is needed. Do this regularly. *Instructions included*


Used with a standard drill or anything that will take a 6mm spindle (I.e air tools, flex shafts). The mandrel included is on a 6mm shank.

Follow up with Vienna lime to remove grease and haze (Not included but available on the website)

Popular With Boat Owners, Polishers, DIY polishing, Bikers, Car Restorers

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Weight 0.5 kg

Non-Ferrous Metal Kit 16 – For Aluminium, Brass etc, Ferrous Metal Kit 17 – For Steel, Stainless Steel