Shaped Mounted Felts

Shaped Mounted Felts

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Shaped felts for polishing metal in tricky, tight or awkward shapes on a 3mm and 6mm spindle.

Shapes like the MQ – Trapeze (inverted cone) are really popular and particularly used for polishing backwards or using the bottom edge to get under a lip.

The ML shape – Ball or Sphere shape is ideal for polishing a concave shape. These are used in the medial industry for polishing ball hip joints, or smaller sizes for polishing stone settings for jewellery.

We make all of these in our Wiltshire factory – we are capable of making bespoke felts for any application.

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£10.72£20.32 incl VAT

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Mounted shaped felts on a 3mm and 6mm spindle for metal polishing applications. These felts are made by Moleroda in the UK at our factory in Salisbury. 

Felts are used for polishing metal – these felts must be used with diamond compound or polishing soap to create a polished finish on all metals. The shape of the felt will help with polishing different surfaces or hard to reach areas or maintain a shape.

Used widely by jewellers although they are also popular with precision engineers, mould tool polishers.

Mounted Shape is also part of our RODA range of felt. The benefits of which are:

  • RODA Felt is made in the UK, in our Wiltshire factory. You can order bespoke felt and ensure your order is quick and efficient.
  • Hard and medium density felts are most often used with cutting compounds of which we supply both!
  • Soft and soft/medium density felts are normally used with polishing compound for final finishing. Again, we supply both densities!
  • Our felt can be used with a huge range of tools including; air tools, micromotors, flexshafts and pendant drills. They even go in Dremels, hobby tools etc.
  • RODA Felt is popular in Jewellery workshops and also engineering workshops.
  • Felts can be used for polishing; tool steel, steel, stainless and alloy.
  • It can also be used on brass, copper, gold, silver and most others.
  • Felt is an excellent carrier for diamond compound as well as all other types of compound

Check out our RODA Felt video 

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MG – 7 x 14 x 3 HARDENED, MG – 10 X 19 X 3, MJ – 12 X 19 X 6, ML – BALL 10MM DIA X 3 SPINDLE, ML – BALL 10MM DIA X 6 SPINDLE, ML BALL 15MM DIA X 6 SPINDLE, ML BALL 6MM DIA X 3MM SPINDLE, MQ – 13/13 X 8 X 3 HARDENED, MQ – 19/12 X 30 X 6, MR – 11.5 / 4 X 17.5 X 3, MR 12 X 20 X 3, MR – 20 / 19 X 9 X 3, MS – 10 X 15 X 3, MS – 6 X 12 X 3

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