Maxforce Micromotor B150

£852.90 incl VAT

Maxforce B150 Micro motor system

The Maxforce B150 Micro motor system is for drilling, grinding, sanding, polishing and de-burring in jewellery and industrial industries.

The Maxforce B150 Micro motor System is an excellent quality machine at a very reasonable price. This unit is very popular in workshops as a good workhorse. This fixed straight hand piece is ideal for any deburring or polishing job. This tools has constant variable speed from 0 to 50,000rpm so ideal for many applications from drilling and burring jewellery to polishing plastics and resin.

  • variable speed motor from 0 to 50,000 RPM
  • High Torque 8.2
  • 240V
  • 200 Watts – High power machine.
  • Vibration – popular for companies reducing risk of white finger.
  • Right and Left Rotation – ideal for deburring and working up to tight edges.
  • Comes with a 3mm Collet or 2.35mm (3/32″)
  • Twist quick collet release for quick and easy tool change. No spanners needed.
  • Foot speed control included
  • Built in Micro Processor
  • Brushless motor
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