MX Lapping Honing Polishing Sticks

MX Lapping Honing Polishing Sticks

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MX honing sticks are long lasting, strong and slow to load.

They work on many metals and alloys: Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminium and others.

Priced in packets of 5

Available in 80, 120, 180, 320 grit.

Size, Grit - GFX Grade
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£26.69£87.59 incl VAT

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Lapping and Honing

MX  Lapping Honing Polishing Sticks are a cotton bonded abrasive – MX abrasive is very good at cutting but leaving a smooth surface finish.

The MX lapping sticks are long lasting and do not require any extra compound as the grit is throughout the stick. Lapping Fluid could be used to lucubrate and improve surface finish.

These Honing and lapping sticks are strong with only a slight flex, good on aluminium as they are slow to load.

MX Sticks lap with:

MX lapping sticks can be used by hand with a stone holder or with a reciprocator such as a Diprofil.

These Lapping and Honing sticks are sold per 5. They are available in two grades GFX and A harder bonded MC Flex grade. GFX is only available online. please contact us if you require anything else.

MX Lapping Honing Polishing Sticks are excellent to work on most metals including Alloys, Stainless Steel, steel and aluminium.

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg

MX16S – 25mm sq x 150mm, MX346S – 20mm sq x 150mm, MX126S – 12mm sq x 150mm, MX386S – 10mm sq x 150mm, MX146S – 6mm sq x 150mm, MX124R – 12mm dia x 100mm, MX384R – 10mm dia x 100mm, MX144R – 6mm dia x 100mm

Grit - GFX Grade

320g Fine, 180g, 120g, 80g Coarse

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