How to remove scratches from glass

How to remove scratches from glass

Scratches in glass 

We have a lot of customers who have the challenge of getting light scratches out of glass and want to re-polish and smooth over the surface. Whether its a glass bowl, a windscreen, a glass table or a glass sculpture it can be frustrating having a small scratch ruining the visual appearance. 

What is the solution?

Glass is obviously a fragile material to work with so care and patience is often required but at Moleroda we think we have perfected the tools you need to sort out this issue. We recommend the following products to help you:

  1. Pumice Powder  – a specialist powder which is mixed with water to form a paste for scratch removal on glass. It is much coarser than cerium oxide and used as a first stage to take out marks and lines in glass or crystal.  Used by watch makers for glass watch fronts and other decorative glass or crystal items. Can be used for small or large areas with mops, calico, felt or chamois mops.

2. Cerium oxide – this powder is used for polishing, cleaning and mark removal in glass and crystal. It can also be used for lapidary, polishing semi-precious and precious stones. Often it is used on a very hard felt wheel in this case. These felt wheels can be found here, they are made in our own factory and can be hardened to suit this work. An abrasive for the polishing of glass and crystal. A highly refined pure powder, with no sharp edges, fast acting scratch removal. Mix with water into a paste about the consistency of double cream – Load this onto a felt or chamois

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