Metal Polishing kits

Metal Polishing kits

Get kitted up this Christmas!

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present for the home workshop, then look no further than the range of Moleroda finishing kits that we have put together especially for you. We sell a huge range of metal polishing kits, from specialist polishing through to much more general drill attachments. We think these kits make great Christmas presents!

Our range of kits will ensure that you have Christmas sorted for the home workshop. Here we will detail the range of kits you can buy and how they will ensure a perfect finish to any metal, glass or ceramics. 

Kits we specialise in: 

  • Polishing for drills
  • Metal polishing
  • Jewellery polishing 
  • Stainless steel polishing 
  • Alloy wheel polishing 
  • Gold polishing 
  • Plastic/acrylic polishing 
  • Glass polishing

General Metal Polishing kits

We sell several metal polishing kits. Many of these are designed for detail polishing with a drill or air tool. All the felt bobs included in the kits are made in our UK factory and if you need any advice on how best to use your kit, we are available to give you some expert tips and advice. 

Below are some of our best selling kits. Many of these are ideal for jobs such as; bike renovation, for boats, classic cars, old metal frames, kitchen utensils, fireplaces, garden equipment. They are perfect for cutting and polishing up to a beautiful shine.

Bench Polisher Metal Polishing Kits

If your workshop has a bench polisher or grinder and you need a slightly more heavy duty option for polishing metal, these kits will do the job for you. All nylons in the kits are made by Moleroda in our factory here in the UK. These kits are ideal for surface finishing aluminium and stainless steel. They suit all metals although softer metals will need gentle treatment.

Angle Grinder Metal Polishing Kits

Our angle grinder metal polishing kits will remove scratches and prep the metal ready to then polish up to a shiny bright mirror finish. These kits are so easy to use and will restore any metal back to a bright finish. Using a variable speed angle grinder is best for better control and not wearing the dishes too quickly.

Jewellery polishing kits

We have jewellery kits for use on bench grinders and on drills/ micromotors and pendant motors. Many of these kits are great starters for  polishing small items of precious metal including watches, rings, pendants. Many of the items in these kits are made in our UK factory and if want anything bespoke in your kit – just give us a call to discuss! 

Resin/ Plastic and Acrylic polishing kits

We have some great little starter kits for plastic, resin and acrylic polishing which would make ideal Christmas presents for your home workshop. Polish up headlights, plastic car and bike parts, plastic and resin around the home with these simple to use kits. 

We also are the UK distributor for Micromesh which is renowned for polishing acrylics to an extremely high standard.  Micromesh is more flexible than sandpaper. Micromesh is a cushioned abrasive It’s easier to get into small and irregular surfaces and the chance of scratching is reduced. From Model makers to the Aerospace industry there are products suitable for your polishing application on all surfaces. 

Glass Polishing Kits

We have kits to remove fine scratches from items of glass, if you can feel the scratch with your finger nail it may be too deep. Use our kits to restore shine and take out scuffs on watch glass. Also, the go to to help anyone remove scratches from glass is pumice powder!


Pumice Powder

£3.20 incl VAT

Happy Christmas!

We wish you all a happy Christmas from Moleroda and that you can find a kit suitable for you or the perfect present! If you cant find what you are after give us a call – you can find our contact details here. 

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