RODA Felt – Mounted Felt Wheels for Polishing

RODA Felt – Mounted Felt Wheels for Polishing

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RODA Felt – Mounted Felt Wheels for Polishing

Mounted Felt Wheels in various diameters, densities and thickness. Used for metal polishing and finishing.

With both 2.35mm and 3mm spindle options.

Made in our UK factory.

Sold per pack of 10.

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£8.17£21.60 incl VAT

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RODA Felt – Mounted Felt Wheels for Polishing

Mounted Felt wheels are used with a polishing compound for fine mirror polishing.

Use your mounted Felt wheels with:

Used for polishing with compound because felt on it’s own won’t polish – it’s just a carrier.

Hard and medium density felts are most often used with cutting compounds due to the fact they work slightly harder and would cut slightly more rapidly. Soft and soft/medium are normally used with polishing compound for final finishing. We recommend lea compound bars, Menzerna, Dialux, Diamond Compound, Simichrome etc.

Ideally used with air tools, micromotors, flexshafts, pendant drills, Dremels, hobby tools etc. Please check what spindle size your particular tool requires because tools do vary.

These small wheels are popular in Jewellery workshops and also engineering workshops. Again they are used with compounds to suit the metal being polished to create a bright reflective mirror finish. Felts can be used to polishing tool steel, steel, stainless, aluminium, brass, copper, gold, silver and most others.

To have the best results you need to prepare the metal first so the surface is flat and smooth, the polishing process will only finish as good as the pre-polish. You could consequently end up with a very polished scratch if you don’t flatten the metal first.

For Engineers

For engineers the hardness of the felt wheels may be very important, harder wheels offer more cut and may therefore be better suited to harder metals such as steel. Felt is an excellent carrier for diamond compound as well as all other types of compound.

For Jewellers

Felt wheels are best mounted on a 2.35mm spindle for jewellers and a maximum size of 25mm is sufficient. Hardness of felt will affect the cut, a harder wheel will cut more and suit the pre-polishing stage better while a medium felt is a good all rounder for cutting and finishing.

Recommend Speeds for Moleroda’s felt wheels:

  • for 2.35mm spindled wheels is 13,000 RPM Max
  • 3mm spindled 3-6mm thick wheels is 13,000RPM Max
  • 3mm spindled 10mm thick wheels is 5,000RPM Max

For plastics consider felt flap wheels

How to achieve the perfect finish with RODA Felt and Diamond Compound

1. Prior to polishing make sure you have gone up to 12000 or finer with wet and dry or RODA NyWheels for best results.

2. Insert your mounted RODA felt into a polishing machine – e.g. eneksa/ micromotor.

3. Squeeze a pea sized amount of diamond compound onto your workpiece (when working with diamond compound usually start with a coarse grit like 20 microns and work up to a finer grit).

4. Then work the felt into the paste – a spray of lapping fluid will help to lubricate.

5. Keep the felt moving, wipe clean with solvent spray and a lint free polishing cloth.

6. Assess the finish and then move to a finer grade of diamond paste if required.


Additional Information

Weight 0.05 kg
Diameter (mm)

22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm

Thickness (mm)

3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 10mm


Hardened, Hard, Medium, Soft


3mm Spindle Options, 2.35mm Spindle Options

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