Abrasive Cartridge Rolls – Straight

Abrasive Cartridge Rolls – Straight

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Abrasive Cartridge rolls – Straight cylinder shape. 

Ideal for finishing operations on inside diameters, dead-end holes and lapping operation on all metals.

Wearing through one layer to reveal a new layer of abrasive makes them an excellent option for blending where high finishes are required.

Round cartridge rolls sold per 100.

*Please note* Some sizes are bought to order and can take 3-4 weeks.

Ref. (Dia x Length mm), Grit
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£56.87£175.64 incl VAT

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Abrasive Cartridge Rolls

Abrasive Cartridge Rolls – straight cylinder shape.

Use with a mandrel 

They are very cheap and easy to use. The abrasive cloth wears down and exposes more grit.

Aluminium oxide grit is wound around to create many layers of material.

These small rolls can be used for sanding, polishing deburring, on any metal – they are very good for getting into small areas or down bores and holes.

Tapered Abrasive Cartridge Rolls are also available These are great for sanding into corners and reaching into tight angles.

Abrasive Jiffy caps are also very similar to this product and give a little more cut.

These can be used with an Air die grinder or a Proxxon style machine for more control use with a micro motor system.

Round cartridge rolls sold per 100

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Ref. (Dia x Length mm)

CR1 (3 x 19mm), CR2 (4.5 x 19mm), CR3 (6 x 19mm), CR4 (6 x 25mm), CR5 (9.5 x 25mm), CR6 (9.5 x 38mm), CR7 (12 x 25mm), CR8 (12 x 38mm), CR9 (19 x 25mm), CR10 (19 x 38mm), CR11 (25 x 38mm)


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