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Polishing and deburring event

Innovations in Finishing Showcase 2023

After the huge success of our Innovations in Finishing showcase in Bournemouth we are now taking the show to the Midlands!

We are excited to announce that this June we will be in BIRMINGHAM to give you a chance to see and test  all the latest polishing and deburring innovations.

We will showcase all the innovative techniques, tools and products to help you polish and deburr to achieve your required surface finish.

Sometimes talking about new innovations in finishing does not quite go far enough. Our showcase will give you the opportunity to see, try and test a huge variety of the very best equipment. All of which can achieve your desired finish.

We will focus on polishing and deburring techniques that will help you:

  • Ensure 100% quality pass rate.
  • Reduce your time per and cost per part.
  • Ensure increased efficiency.
  • Ensure you achieve the surface finish required.

This is an exclusive, invitation only, showcase, which will give YOU the opportunity to try and test a huge variety of the very best equipment on the market.

If you are based in the Midlands, you won’t have far to come. We will be holding this year’s showcase in Birmingham.

The latest equipment on show will be:

  • Laser Welding – ENESKA Laser.
  • ENESKA Marker.
  • Our very first small welding device.
  • The very latest ENESKA micromotor for deburring and precision finishing.
  • Extraction systems.
  • Sandblasters.
  • Vibratory systems.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Steamjet cleaner.
  • Microscope systems.
  • Clamping devices.
  • The latest in post processing systems.
  • RODA Range including newest MX points.

What can you expect from the showcase?

  • Live demos
  • Ability to get hands on with all the new tools and equipment on show. Try it out for yourself.
  • A room full of experts in polishing and deburring who can help you with your bespoke needs. We will be available to answer your finishing questions.
  • Showcasing innovative ways to polish metal, polish titanium, polish brass and alloys. 
  • A whole deburring section  – showing you the best in deburring techniques and tools.
  • Free polishing and deburring samples to take away and try.


When: 28th June 2023!

Where: Birmingham – Contact us on 01722 711988 or email for more information and to get your free of charge tickets.

Time: There are morning and afternoon sessions available.  

This is a free, but ticketed event and there are limited spaces. CONTACT US now to guarantee your place. 

innovations in finishing showcase

Who will be at the showcase?

Our team of experts from Moleroda will be at the showcase. It will be headed up by our MD, William Dunkerley who has 40 years of experience in Deburring and Polishing.  The team, including Kev Brown, Global Head of Sales at Moleroda, have a wealth of experience in taking challenging jobs and creating bespoke solutions to ensure improved working practices when finishing your parts. 

We will also be joined by our partners, JOKE Technology. JOKE are based in Germany and are the manufacturers of the premium ENESKA range of tools and products for deburring and polishing. They specialise in brilliant solutions for perfect surfaces. Today, Joke is one of Europe’s largest specialist retailers for fine finishing for surface finishing.

ENESKA Micromotor exhibition

How can you get a ticket?

In order to join us and ensure you are using THE most current and innovative polishing and deburring tools and equipment in the business contact us today. We will then send you a ticket. 

If you are unable to join us then don’t forget we have a wealth of guides and information which you can find in our ‘how to’ pages. Or take a look at your You Tube channel

Unitized ball action shot
laser welder demo

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