Vienna Lime

Vienna Lime

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Vienna Lime, for use after polishing to clean up and leave a bright finish.

*Soft Cloth not included unless you add it to your order with the check box

Available in quantities 250g, 1kg

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£1.19£5.15 incl VAT

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Vienna Lime

Vienna lime is used for cleaning and brightening polished metal items after polishing.

It removes the greasy residue from polishing compound as well as finger prints and marks leaving a brighter shiny finish. Removing polishing compound residues, cleans off greasy finger prints and other marks and polishing haze.

The Vienna lime also brings up a more reflective finish on a polished surface. As a result the finish is brighter and more colourful on all metals including stainless steel and aluminium.

The easiest way to use the lime is by coating dry lime on a soft cloth and gently wiping polished surface to remove residues. It can also be used with Swansdown mop, simply dip the clean mop into the dry lime powder and use with the polishing mop for an extra finish.

Soft Cloth not included.

For Engineers

It is a good idea to use vienna lime to clean up after polishing to ensure the best finish. It is useful on all metals including Aluminium, Steel, Chrome etc.

For Jewellers

Vienna Lime is equally effective on precious metals after polishing. Ensure the cloth you use is very soft indeed because jewellery metals are easily scratched. It is easiest to use a cloth in the bag with the lime rather than a mop for jewellery as the items are small.

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250g, 1 Kilo, Soft Cloth Only

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