aluminium polishing paste – Alglox

aluminium polishing paste – Alglox

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Alaglox aluminium polishing paste

Cheaper than Diamond compound and excellent for working on softer metals such as Aluminium.

Available in Micron grades from 30 micron for fast cutting 15 micron, 9 , 6, 3 and 1 micron for very fine bright finishes.

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Alglox aluminium polishing paste

£15.60 incl VAT

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Aluminium polishing paste for polishing mould tools – Alglox

Alglox aluminium polishing paste is a good alternative to diamond paste, particularly as it is cheaper and gives better results on softer metals like aluminium.

Suitable for a wide range of lapping and polishing processes for metal polishing.

Available in Micron grades from 30 micron for fast cutting 15 micron, 9 , 6, 3 and 1 micron for very fine bright finishes.

Aluminium mould tools are fast becoming popular for injection moulding. Aluminium tools are cheaper to manufacture but do not last as long. Polishing Aluminium can sometime be tricky, this special polishing paste gives a high reflective mirror finish quickly and easily.

A specialist white polishing paste particularly suited to polishing soft non ferrous metals such as aluminium and metals with a a low tensile strength. This reduces risk of over processing the aluminium. Aluminium polishing paste gives a good fast cutting action.

With their low iron content Alglox Aluminium Oxide / Silicon Carbide pastes eliminate the danger of rust staining and unwanted ferrous residue.

Evenly graded Aluminium Oxide, gives a clean finish.

We recommend using Alglox polishing paste with our felt bobs and lapping fluid. for Polishing mould tool you can also use lapping sticks in wood or felt. When polishing its important to prepare the surface before, I would recommend using mould tool polishing stones to flatten machine marks, or remove sparking. micro mesh is also a great way for prepping before polishing.

we also sell a range of micro motors and air tools which would be useful to use with the felt bobs.

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