Trough Vibro Finishing Machines Rosler VRE 150

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Trough Vibro Finishing Machines 150 litre Trough made by Rosler  – New system complete with control panel, dosing unit and sound lid includes delivery. This large trough vibratory finishing machine is perfect for processing large components. The size and length of the machine make it ideal for de-burring and cleaning large metal components predominantly long parts which would not fit into a rotary round bowl.  All vibro finishing trough machines are suited for deburring, grinding, edge radiusing, deflashing of metal or plastic parts of stamped, cast, forged or machined parts. Using different media for different applications means these vibro finishing machines are very versatile and numerous applications and finishes can be achieved. Includes:

  • The VRE 150 Trough Vibro Machine – 120 litre capacity
  • A full control panel with a timer
  • A noise protection lid
  • A dosing system for controlled water and liquid compound system
  • Includes Delivery