Split Pin Mandrel – for polishing with emery

£2.66£4.01 incl VAT

Moleroda offer 4 different types of split pin mandrel. They all come on 2.35mm (3/32″) shank diameter for use with a dremel, drill, pendant motor or micro motor. This is a very cost effective way of using abrasive papers to polish and clean metal

  • MM11 – Large Head size 4.5 dia X 30 with 20mm slot length. Parallel head
  • MM14 – Medium Head size 3.1 dia X 25 with 20mm slot length. Parallel head
  • MM15 – Small Head size 2.35 dia X 12 with 12mm slot length. Parallel head
  • MM13 – Tapered Head size 5.2 dia X 25 with 18mm slot length. Tapered head
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