Rosler Mini Bowl 60 Vibro Automatic polishing and de-burring machine

Rosler Mini Bowl 60 Vibro Automatic polishing and de-burring machine

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Rosler’s Mini 60 litre machine is a powerful rotary vibro bowl – ideal for polishing and finishing delicate high precision parts. This Rosler Mini 60 machine is ideal for any automated polishing or deburring application on a range of materials from stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, plastics, PTFE, rubber and many more.  Rosler have been making Vibratory machine for over 80 years and are leaders in automatic finishing technology, they distribute their machines globally and are known for these excellent German technology and high quality equipment.

This 60 litre machine is very powerful, it has excellent high energy movement and is ideal for any small to medium size parts and batch machined components. This automatic system would be ideal for any sub-contract CNC or turning machine shop. It is also commonly used for deburring and cleaning any metal or plastic parts for removing flash, sharp edges (break edges), burrs, blending machine lines.

This machine is ideal to use with a range of medias – Ceramic media (available in a range of grades, shapes and sizes) this is ideal for de-burring steel and harder metals. It leaves a more mottled finish.  Plastic media is ideal for working on aluminium, plastics, brass, copper any alloy variation. This is good to light/ moderate beburring and edge breaking. The plastic media leaves a much nicer surface finish and is ideal for pre-polishing processes.  This also a range of other media – porcelain and organic media which is very effective for creating a polished finish. Includes:

  • The Mini 60 machine – 60 litre capacity.
  • A sound noise protection lid
  • A full control panel with a timer
  • A dosing system for controlled water and liquid compound system
  • Delivery not included (£100 delivery)

The video of this machine shows a polishing process using walnut shell to create a mirror finish on aluminium, brass, copper or any softer metal. The Rosler mini 30 machine is perfect for this process as it is a high energy machine so process can be achieved in good time and de-skills the finishing process. A consistent finish can be achieved on each part and for each batch over time.

Return on investment – this equipment is designed to replace hand finishing processes. Labour costs are one of the most costly expenses for a company, minimizing this and freeing up your staff to take on more skilled jobs will save a huge amount of money. These machines have a very low running cost, low 3 phase power, very low water consumption and also slow media deprecation. These machines have a very fast return on investment and are the cheapest way to deburr and finish components.

Why buy from us:

  • Economical Drive Systems: All main drive motor are designed and manufactured by Rosler in their German factory. This ensures all machines have the optimum motors fitted for the application and no excess energy is wasted due to under or oversized motors which minimises your running cost and energy.
  • Long life liner – low wear processing bowl.
  • Robust construction – Robust stress relived and shot peened, reinforced welded construction of the process trough resulting in reliable accurate vibration of the bowls.
  • Proven Technology – Rosler has many years of experience, they are a global brand and the European leaders in mass finishing. For both excellent and efficient processes and economical equipment.
  • Operator Friendly – Bearing are positioned so they can be oiled and maintained, so easy life maintenance. Well looked after bearings can last 20 years.
  • After sales support – Moleroda is offering ongoing process development and after sales support.
  • Process development – Moleroda can find you the right media to use for any application, we have an identical machine in at our works in Salisbury. We are offering you ongoing support and free sample processing if you had new components or new materials you wanted to Process.

All Rosler equipment is manufactured to GS/CE standard.

GUARANTEE: One year or 2000 working hours against faulty materials and workmanship. This includes free replacement parts but does not include the cost of travelling, transport, assembling or dismantling.

Rosler Mini Bowl 60 Vibro Automatic polishing and de-burring machine

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