RODA 5″ Nylon Scotch Hand Pads – Variety Pack

RODA 5″ Nylon Scotch Hand Pads – Variety Pack

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Roda nylon hand pads are 5″ Round. Per 8 variety pack.

Abrasive Nylon Hand Pads are manufactured here in our factory.

A scotchbrite style material hand pad.

£12.02 incl VAT

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Scotch Hand Pads

Our abrasive nylon scotch hand pads are used to give a sateen finish, most commonly on metal.

These hand pads are impregnated throughout with grit. Therefore, they work on their own without the need for compound.

These hand pads are useful for fabrication, home improvement, antique restoration and jewellery finishing.

For larger handpads see here.

Variety pack of 8 pads, see the grades included below:

  • HDVCA – The most aggressive abrasive nylon material.
  • Superior Brown – A very heavy duty cloth. However, leaves a very clean bright medium grade finish. Longer lasting material, equivalent to 3M 7440
  • Black Super Cut – Silicone carbide abrasive, with a sharper cut that leaves a bright finish. To match pre-blended steel.
  • HDMA – Heavy duty abrasive nylon material for severe conditions.
  • CA – A general purpose 80 grit abrasive nylon material.
  • MA – A general purpose 180 grit abrasive nylon material.
  • GREEN – A non-abrasive material for light deburring and cleaning operations.
  • UFS – The finest grade using Silicone Carbide. For an even, consistent finish.

For Engineers

‘HD’ Heavy duty grades are suited to harder metals such as Steel and Titanium, due to it being harder wearing and will last longer. The finer grits such as CA, Green and UFS work well on Aluminium, brass etc. Or where less work needs to be done.

An even more economical option, would be our Abrasive Nylon Cleaning and Finishing Rolls 150mm x 10m Rolls.

For Jewellers

Abrasive handpads are very handy to have around the workshop. They can be used for cleaning after soldering or for applying satin finishes by hand.


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