Mould and Die Polishing Stone Sets

Mould and Die Polishing Stone Sets

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Congress mould polishing stones for mould tool finishing. A selection of kits in various sizes, ideal for sampling the different types and grits.

See below for what is included in each kit.

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£32.47£194.98 incl VAT

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Mould and Die Polishing Stone Sets

Below are the mould and die polishing stone sets:

Kit 12:

This assortment consists of 12 pieces, one of each of the following 5/32” x 4” long stones

EDM – 120g, 220g, 400g

Die*Star – 220g, 320g, 400g

Mouldmaster – 150g, 320g

YL-Oil – 220g, 400g

R-Max – 400g

R-Max 5/32″ dia. – 320g

Kit 14:

This assortment consists of 14 pieces 1/4 x 1/2 x 6” long, in the following grades

EDM – 120g, 180g, 320g

Die*Star – 220g, 320g, 400g

Moldmaster – 150g, 320g

YL-Oil – 400g

Ruby – 220g

Superfine – 900g

Regular – 400g

Also: 2 off MX Finishing Sticks

1/4” sq. 180g & 1/4″ dia. 80g

Kit 36:

This assortment consists of 36 pieces of 5/32″ sq. x 4” long pencil stones

Included are 6 of each

Regular, YL-Oil, EDM, Ruby, Super and Moldmaster in a variety of grits.

Kit 72:

This assortment consists of 72 pieces in various sizes, covering all of the 10 grades of mould and diemaker polishing stones.

Included are coarse (100g) Stones up to Superfine (1200g) Finishing Stones.

Mould and Die Polishing Stone Sets are a great way to sample different types, and grits of congress polishing stones. These stones are excellent quality and designed for mould and die polishing.

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