Foredom Pendant Drill SR – with foot control

Foredom Pendant Drill SR – with foot control

£412.31 incl VAT

Foredom have been making high quality flexible pendant motors for many years, they are highly respected and are used in many different industries.

We now sell the Foredom SR motor with a choice of handpieces as we recognised that our customers prefer this personalised approach. The Motor comes with a Foot Control and Flexshaft but no handpiece, this is sold separately.

Choose from our selection of handpieces HERE, or enquire as to if we can supply others not listed.

£412.31 incl VAT

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Foredom Pendant Drill

Foredom Pendant Drill SR – Hang Up Style Pendant Motor comes complete with 39” (1 meter) flexible shaft with key tip and foot control. A handpiece is not included, however this can be selected from the list below.

The SR motor suits most industries including Jewellery, Woodworking, Model Making, Precision Engineering, Engine Porting, DIY etc

  • 1/6 HP
  • 18,000 RPM
  • Forward & Reverse Rotation
  • 230 Volts
  • UK Plug
  • Foot Control (speed control)

*Handpiece not included

These are available separatly HERE

 Choose a handpiece from the following:

  • The H.20 is a quick release handpiece suited to Jewellers particularly as it contains a 2.35mm collet. This handpiece is nice and pointable and also very light which makes it ideal for small precise work.
  • The H.28 handpiece is slender which makes it easy to hold (it tapers to 12mm diameter around the grip), it is ideally suited to detail work such as model making and jewellery. It comes with a 2.35mm collet but could take a 1/8” collet (we find this does clamp down onto 3mm spindles in the most part).
  • H.30 A good general purpose handpiece. No collet, this handpiece comes with a chuck system. The jaws clamp down onto the burr which gives more flexibility in choice of shank size. Takes up to 4mm shanks, this makes it ideal for using small drill bits. 1” diameter handpiece.
  • H.44T A tapered general purpose handpiece. Comes with 3/32”, 1/8” and 1/4” collets. 1” diameter tapering to 3/4” round.
  • This right angled telescopic hand-piece fit onto a foredom flexible shaft. It is commonly used for engine porting and cleaning and polishing hard to reach areas. Comes with a 2.35mm collet as standard (please contact us if you would prefer 3mm or 1/8”)
Weight 24 kg
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