Dedeco TC Snap-On Discs 1/2″

Dedeco TC Snap-On Discs 1/2″

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Dedeco Sunburst 1/2” TC Snap-On

1/2” TC Snap-On Assortment – 6 of each in all 7 grit textures plus 1 off 5431 (2.35mm)mandrel.

2.35mm & 3mm mandrels sold separately, discs available individually.

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£1.25£59.63 incl VAT

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Dedeco Sunburst 1/2″ TC Snap-On

Dedeco TC Snap-On Discs 1/2″ smooth and remove scratches in restorations that develop during contouring and prepare the surface for final polishing.

The flexible discs adapt to all tooth surfaces – anterior and posterior, convex and concave – and can be used from any angle.

SUNBURST snap-on discs are sterilizable and reusable making them an economical choice for your practice.

What does the TC shape mean?

Curved, thinner bristles for greater conformabiltiy than TA and TS models.  Single-directional.

Why is Dedeco Sunburst so effective?

No matter what the material being worked, SUNBURST RADIAL DISCS are the “absolute best” for finishing & polishing hard-to-access areas without removing detail or causing flat spots.

The sharp, clean, specially treated ceramic abrasive grain imbedded throughout their thin flexible bristles enable them to work faster and last longer than rubber wheels, brushes, buffs and conventional sanders.

Sunburst Radial Discs generate minimal dust and heat and eliminate the need for polishing compound.

Dedeco Sunburst Benefits

CONFORMABILITY – Flexible bristles conform to contours, cracks and corners while working equally well on flat surfaces.

LONG-LASTING – Uniformly blended bristles guarantee extended wear life and a consistent, uniform finish.

COOL RUNNING – Generates minimal heat reducing potential damage or distortion to the work surface.

OPERATING SPEEDS – Recommended operating speeds for most applications is 3,000 – 18,000 RPM (5,000 for wood working). Lower speeds allow a softer touch, greater flexibility and more subtle results. Higher speeds provide more aggressive material removal. Using the

tip of the bristles with light pressure maximizes disc life.

MODULAR – Use a single disc for tight areas like slots and grooves or stack them for larger surface areas.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg

Assortment, Each, Mandrel


Coarse – 80g – Yellow, Medium – 120g – White, Standard – 220g – Red, Fine – 400g – Blue, Fine – 600g (Pumice) Pink, Extra- Fine – 6 Micron – Peach, Ultra-Fine – 1 Micron – Green, Assortment, Mandrel