Ceramic Stone Holders

Ceramic Stone Holders

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Ceramic Stone Holders

Both Hand Held and Machine Holder for use in a Diprofil or other file reciprocate machine.

Choose the holder to fit the size of the Ultra fine ceramic stone you have.


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ceramic stone holders

£7.22£11.03 incl VAT

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Ceramic Stone holders

Ceramic stone holders to suit Ultra-Fine Ceramic stones, which are commonly used for precision polishing.

They come in a range of grits and sizes.

Ceramic polishing stones are very popular with mould tool polishing and precision polishing. Particularly for slots and tight angles on mould tool steel.

There are two types of holders:

Ceramic Stone Holders – Hand Holders

Ceramic stones can be used like a file by hand – Moleroda supplies 4 different Size holders for the 5 different size stones:

CH1 Holder – for ceramic stones sizes: 1 x 1 mm

CH2 Holder – for ceramic stones sizes :  0.5mm thick x 2mm wide  x 100mm long  and 1 x 2 x 100mm

CH4 Holder – for ceramic stones sizes :  0.5 x 4 x 100 and 1 x 4 x 100 and 1.5 x 4 x 100mm

CH6 Holder – for ceramic stones sizes :  0.5 x 6 x 100 and 1 x 6 x 100 and 1.5 x 6 x 100mm

CH10 Holder – for ceramic stones sizes :  1 x 10 x 100 and 1.5 x 10 x 100mm

For Engineers

Hand holders are essential for using ceramic stones by hand. This is a really popular tool combination for hand finishing mould tools, for getting into intricate parts and tight spots.

Machine holders are designed for use with reciprocators such as Air Lappers, Diprofil and other automatic filing tools. Please contact us if you need further advice.

For Jewellers

The smaller stones and holders are most popular for small scale work, the CH2 and CH4 are most commonly chosen with the corresponding stones. Generally, these stones are used by hand by jewellers as machine holders are for reciprocators not often found in jewellery workshops.

The new CH1 stone holder works with a 1 x 1 mm ceramic stone, this is much the same scale as the other superstones and is ideal for very small detailed work. These 1 x 1mm stones are particularly interesting as they come in super fine grits 1000- 3000 grit.

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Hand Holder CH 10 – 10mm wide stones, Hand Holder CH6 – 6mm wide stones, Hand Holder CH4 – 4 mm wide stones, Hand Holder CH2 – 2mm wide stones, Hand Holder CH1 – 1 x 1mm Stones

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