17 piece Mounted Felt Set (3/32″) – Kit

17 piece Mounted Felt Set (3/32″) – Kit

£23.55 incl VAT

An assortment of shaped felts on a 2.35mm spindle. 17 different shapes. This kit is an ideal selection to sample all the shapes we make in this size range. Particularly useful for small scale polishing with a shape to suit most profiles and tight spaces.

Felt Density

Most Dental felts are Medium density but could be hardened. The DP 0520 shape is hardened which helps to keep the point.

Medium- Ideal for cutting and polishing operations, this is a good standard felt for most materials

Hardened- Standard felt is treated to make it hard and less flexible. It gives the felt more cut and particularly suits harder metals.Shaped felts are more likely to keep their shape when hardened.

Made in our UK factory.


£23.55 incl VAT

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Mounted Felt Set on 2.35mm (3/32)

Mounted Felt Set – 17 piece shaped felt set on 2.35mm spindle

  • Particularly popular with our jewellery trade customers, this kit is very useful for polishing in tight spaces and detailed items.
  • Mounted points in a variety of shapes will suit a huge range of uses because felt is a universal material for polishing.
  • On a  2.35mm spindles which are particularly suited to micromotors and pendant drills.

These bobs should be used with compound, commonly used with cutting compound and polishing compound. We recommend using with Lea compounds, Menzerna, Rouge, Dialux, Diamond Compound etc.

Individual shapes are available here

For Engineers

These felt bobs are all on a 2.35mm spindle which is unusual for engineers to use. You may therefore wish to look at these felt bob kits which are on 3mm, 6mm or 1/8” spindles.

The shaped felts are excellent however for very delicate polishing, they are well suited to use with diamond compound for hard to reach areas.

For Jewellers

This kit is an ideal starter set for jewellers, especially so you can see which shapes and sizes suit you best.

Use them with rouge and Tripoli, Dialux or Menzerna – they can be used for both cutting and polishing stages.

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