Pendant Motor Stand – for hanging pendant motors

Pendant Motor Stand – for hanging pendant motors

£52.07 incl VAT

Pendant motor stand for hanging up flexible shaft motors in any workshops including jewellers work benches.  Moleroda offer 2 styles of hanger for pendant motors.

  • G-Clamp style hanger stand – this style is if you would like to move the drive motor around a work shop and attach it in different positions around the bench. The g-clamp simply screws down onto a bench up to 100mm deep.
  • Fixed screw style stand has a flat plate at the bottom which allows 3 screws to permanently fix the stand to any surface.

Both hangers have a hook at the top for holding a pendant motor and the height is adjustable.

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£52.07 incl VAT

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Pendant Motor Stand

A pendant motor stand is an important addition to the workshop. When using a pendant drill with flexible shaft the pendant motor stand is used to keep the motor above head height with the flexshaft hanging at a comfortable level to easily grab and use comfortably without too much drag. It helps to keep the shaft straight and kink free prolonging it’s life. This in turn puts less strain on the motor.

The G-clamp style is ideal if you require the pendant motor to move position around the workshop. The fixed hanger is a little more secure and works well if only needed in one place.

Stands are for pendant motors (pendant drills) / flexible shaft machines such as the LY128 or Foredom SR


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G clamp base, Screw base