Mounted Chamois Wheels

Mounted Chamois Wheels

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High quality chamois mounted on either 2.35mm (for Jewellers) or 3mm spindles.  Sold per pack of 10.

Made in our UK factory. Traditionally used by jewellers with rouge compound for the final mirror polish.  Chamois works well with compound with very little cut for giving a fine mirror finish. These mops can also work well on glass.

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£7.26£19.97 incl VAT

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Mounted Chamois Wheels

Mounted Chamois Wheels are very popular for polishing glass and precious metals.

  • Chamois mops work with low cut polishing compounds such as rouge, Lea FF9, Menzerna, Dialux etc.
  • These mounted mops are used with pendant motors, micromotors, hobby drills etc.
  • All tools vary, for this reason you should always check which size spindle your particular tool takes.
  • Traditionally a popular tool within the Jewellery trade. These mops are used by any industry looking for a mirror polish.

Available on both 3mm and 2.35mm spindles. 2.35mm (3/32” is normally for Jewellers)

Mounted Chamois Wheels for glass and metal polishing. quality leather mops – used with compound for best results.

We recommend rouge for both glass and precious metals. You would normally use Chamois mops for the final finish on precious metal, they are particularly common for finishing gold.

For Engineers

This type of mop is excellent for creating a final finish on polished metal. You may wish to consider using them with a paste compound such as super chrome or Ulla.

For Jewellers

Chamois wheels should be used as the final step much the same as cotton yarn wheels. Menzerna M5 or P175 are an excellent choice for using with a chamois.

A big advantage for using these mops is that they don’t shed fluff like calico mops.They leave a really high finish without swirling.

Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Spindle Size (mm)

2.35mm, 3mm

Diameter (mm) -# of Laps

19mm dia. (4 Lap), 22mm dia. (4 Lap), 25mm dia. (4 Lap), 25mm dia. (8 Lap), 30mm dia. (8 Lap), 40mm dia. (8 Lap)