Keramo Grinding / Polishing Paste for vibratory finishing processes RSP 626

Keramo Grinding / Polishing Paste for vibratory finishing processes RSP 626

Grinding / Polishing Paste – add to your vibratory finishing bowl for light grinding and super-finishing

By adding this light Grinding and polishing paste to your vibro process you will vastly improve your surface finish.

Polishing on all types of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and inconel.

This paste is used in a Keramo process which is widely used in a variety of applications such as finishing turbine parts, as well as polishing medical components, implants, super-finishing automitve, cutlery and knife blades

Sold Per 25kg Tub. 

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Keramo Grinding Polishing Paste is used in vibratory finishing machines for polishing metal components

Keramo Grinding Polishing Paste provides light grinding with a good smoothing and polishing effect on most metals including:

  • Steel and iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper and Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Inconel

Why Should I use Keramo Grinding Polishing Paste?

This paste will add an improvement to your Keramo surface finishing processes. The light grinding properties will flatten and smooth the metal surface allowing then a refined and mirror bright polish to be created. It also will have some light deburring effect.

This paste can be added to any vibratory finishing machine and is popular in polishing components for many industries – used in:

  • medial implant polishing
  • aerospace components and turbines
  • high precision components for automotive
  • decorative components.
  • Superfinishing of engine parts.

How to use Keramo Grinding Polishing Paste

We recommenced using a Rosler Vibratory finishing bowl  you can add this paste to any media but we recommend adding to porcelain pins for a Keramo polishing process.

  1. Mix 1 – 1½ Kgs. of Keramo polishing paste for every 100 Kgs. of media.  For example if your vibratory machine holds 200 Kgs of Rosler RP media then mix approximately 2 to 3 Kgs of paste.  Mix the paste 1:1 with water in a container to make the mixture an even but fairly thick liquid consistency.
  2. Add to the Porcelain pins in your machine so the paste covers the pins and creates a damp grinding mass. Do not add any water to the machine and run for several hours or as long as your process requires.
  3. flush the system with water so the paste is washed away – run the machine with water and FC120 polishing compound to achieve a very bright finish. This is the final process and will leave you a very bight finish.

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Weight 25 kg