Wooden Lapping Sticks – Moleroda – Mould Polishing

Wooden Lapping Sticks – Moleroda – Mould Polishing

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Wooden lapping sticks are made by Moleroda and come in a choice of Hardwood or Softwood. In various profiles and sizes – all 150mm long.

Hardwood lapping sticks are made from laminated hardwood. The layers are compressed together in a crossways direction to their grain for strength and high structural stability.  Hardwood sticks maintain their shape well. They are used for preliminary polishing where high cut and stock removal is required.

Softwood lapping sticks are used as carriers for finer diamond compounds for high-gloss polishing. The softwood selected is smooth and gritless to ensure a perfect finish.

Sold per pack of 10 sticks – pick a size – all 150mm long 

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£3.99£25.55 incl VAT

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Wooden Lapping Sticks

Wooden lapping sticks are used for final polishing on mould tools and dies.

They are used as a carrier for diamond compound to create a high mirror finish on most metals but mostly steel.

Wooden lapping sticks can be used either by hand or with a reciprocatory tool such as a Diprofil which can significantly speed up the process.

Using lapping fluid helps to lubricate the process and can also help bring on a better shine on steel.

A low cost but high quality option.

Round sticks have a pointed end making them ideal for getting into detail and tight areas.

Sold in packs of 10, choose from hard or soft wood.

Hardwood is slightly faster cutting, softwood is generally used with finer diamond compound for finishing.

Felt lapping sticks could also be used afterwards for polishing.


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