Shaped Felts on 2.35mm (3/32”) – Mounted Dental Felts

Shaped Felts on 2.35mm (3/32”) – Mounted Dental Felts

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Individual dental felt shapes available in bags of 10 points. Mounted dental felts on a 2.35mm spindle.

Felt Density

Most Dental felts are Medium density but could be hardened. The DP 0520 shape is hardened which helps to keep the point.

Medium- Ideal for cutting and polishing operations, this is a good standard felt for most materials

Hardened- Standard felt is treated to make it hard and less flexible. It gives the felt more cut and particularly suits harder metals.Shaped felts are more likely to keep their shape when hardened.

Made in our UK Factory. Felt Shape – Per 10

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£10.00£12.50 incl VAT

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Shaped Felts

Shaped Felts on 2.35mm (3/32”) spindle.

Dental felts are shaped points which are useful for detailed polishing due to their size and different shapes.

  • There is a shape for most profiles to be polished.
  • Popular in the jewellery trade and with precision engineers for polishing.
  • Normally used with a flexshaft or micromotor.
  • Used with compound for both cutting and polishing.
  • We recommend using these bobs with Lea compound, Menzerna, Dialux, rouge, diamond compound etc. Always use a fresh point with different compounds.

Used widely by jewellers although they are also popular with precision engineers, mould tool polishers

Made in our UK factory using high quality felt.

For Jewellers

Shaped felts lend themselves very well to polishing jewellery. There is a shape for getting into most spots.

They are particularly useful for polishing the inside of rings and inside collets where a mop couldn’t get.

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DA0811 – 8 X 5 X 11, DA0914 – 9.5 X 8 X 14, DB0811- 8 X 5 X 11, DB1015 – 10 X 6 X 15, DC0714 – 7 X 14, DD0606 – 6MM DIAMETER, DD0808 – 8MM DIAMETER, DD1010 – 10MM DIAMETER, DE0510 – 5 X 10, DE0716 – 7.5 X 16, DF0408 – 4 X 8, DF0510 – 5 X 10, DG0812 – 8 X 6 X 12, DG1014 – 10 X 6 X 14, DH1314 – 13 X 8 X 14, DJ1019 – 10 X 8 X 19, DP0520 – 5-1 X 20 CONE