Porcelain pinsRP 04/05 ZS for Super finishing / polishing metal in a vibro bowl pre-treated Media

Porcelain pinsRP 04/05 ZS for Super finishing / polishing metal in a vibro bowl pre-treated Media

Porcelain pins are commonly used as media in vibratory finishing process to polish all metal parts to a highly reflective finish.

Rosler Porcelain pins: code RP 04 / 05 mm ZS Angle Cut Triangle  (this media has been pre-treated / conditioned so ready for use). The pins must be used with water as a wet process, we highly recommend using with FC120 Rosler polishing vibro liquid for the best shiny results.

The Rosler Keramo finishing process uses a paste with the porcelain pins to grind the parts to prep the surface before polishing with FC120 liquid compound for best results. The Porcelain pins can be used for polishing any metal – more popular with stainless steel finishing. They can be used in any vibro bowl or trough and centrifugal bowl.

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Porcelain pins – How to use them for Polishing in Vibro finishing.

Use the Porcelain pins in a vibratory finishing machine for automatic polishing of metal components. These Porcelain pins act like a burnishing and softly grinding at the metal surface.

  • The Porcelain pins media must be used with water as a wet process.
  • For best results a good pre-polish must be achieved on the metal parts.
  • The media can be used with Rosler grinding pastes for a grinding process prior to polishing RSP626 is available. or Light Grinding / polishing paste 
  • For superfinishing Rosler liquid compound FC120 leaves the metal surface with a bright reflective finish.
  • The media is expensive but it will last!! It is important to have a flow through water system so the media is kept clean.
  • Make sure your machine is full! The weight and pressure will give a better result.
  • It can take time – some processes can be 6 hours especially with the grinding pastes. Polishing should take 1 -2 hours.
  • Use your porcelain pins in a Rosler vibratory finishing bowls and troughs and they can also be used in high energy disc (centrifugal FKS machines)

Example of typical components to polish with Porcelain pins

  • cutlery and knives
  • surgical instruments
  • bone implants
  • bearings and bearing components
  • control parts for motors (e.g. valves)
  • camshafts and crankshafts
  • thread leading parts of textile machines
  • kitchen accessories
  • fittings (especially small sanitary fittings)
  • valves (slides, balls, flaps)
  • stationery (ball-pen tops, clips, springs ,etc…)
  • turbine blades
  • braces (especially furniture industry)
  • brass, decoration articles
  • clock industry

For the following components and component groups, the RÖSLER Keramo-Finish® process shows positive cost advantages, reduces any health risk and shows advantages in environmental protection

Weight 25 kg