Mounted Felt Lapping Sticks

Mounted Felt Lapping Sticks

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Mounted felt lapping sticks for lapping on 3mm or 1/8” spindles. Felt is Hardened for stability.  Suitable for Diprofil style reciprocators for diamond polishing.  

Felt Density:

  • Medium – Ideal for cutting and polishing operations, this is a good standard felt for most materials
  • Hardened – Standard felt is treated to make it hard and less flexible. It gives the felt more cut and particularly suits harder metals. Shaped felts are more likely to keep their shape when hardened.

Sold per 10. 

Made in our UK factory.

Shank Diameter, Size (mm)
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£31.59£38.37 incl VAT

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Mounted Felt Lapping Sticks For polishing and lapping metal.

  • Mounted felt lapping sticks are used for accurate polishing with Diprofil style reciprocators or Air driven Lappers
  • For quicker results than hand lapping.
  • Used with a reciprocating hand piece. A Diprofil is our most popular reciprocating handpiece and works well with these felt sticks.
  • Diamond compound is most commonly used for this style of lapping. Ultra lap, Algalox, Moleroda Paste and Clover compound can also be used.
  • Used by precision engineers and mould tool polishers for highly precise polishing.

Mounted Felt Lapping sticks are very popular in for Mould tool polishing. Polishing tool steel which has to be polished but keeping the tool very flat. Reciprocating – which is moving back and forth like a file action, is perfect action for polishing flat surfaces.

When polishing Felt is very popular with compound for creating a mirror finish.

Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Shank Diameter

3mm, 1/8"

Size (mm)

FL6 – 6 sq x 40 mm long, FL8 – 8 sq x 40 mm long, FL10 – 10 sq x 40 long, FL12 – 12 sq x 40 mm long