Mounted Abrasive Flapwheels

Mounted Abrasive Flapwheels

£23.00£76.14 incl VAT

Mounted abrasive flapwheels.

These are a great abrasive for blending, smoothening and cleaning all metal. They can remove rust, blend machine lines and prep metal surfaces prior to polishing.

Sold per 10

If out of stock flap wheels take a few days to come in.

Diameter (dia x length), Grit, Spindle Size
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£23.00£76.14 incl VAT

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Mounted Abrasive Flapwheels

Mounted abrasive flap wheels on 3mm and 6mm shanks.  All wheels are Aluminium Oxide wheels. Also available in Diamond, Ceramic, Trizact and Zirconia.

These wheels are available in a huge range of grits and sizes. Grits also available: 100, 150, 180, 240, 320. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please contact us.

These mounted abrasive wheels are a real staple for any metal finishing. They are popular for getting down inside bores, such as in engine porting. They are useful on steels as well as aluminium etc.

Sold per 10.

Please note there may be a short wait of a few days if your item is out of stock.

Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Diameter (dia x length)

(FW1010) 10mm x 10mm, (FW2005) 20mm x 5mm, (FW2010) 20mm x 10mm, (FW2505) 25mm x 5mm, (FW3005) 30mm x 5mm, (FW3010) 30mm x 10mm, (FW3020) 30mm x 20mm, (FW4020) 40mm x 20mm, (FW4030) 40mm x 30mm, (FW5020) 50mm x 20mm, (FW5030) 50mm x 30mm, (FW5040) 50mm x 40mm, (FW6020) 60mm x 20mm, (FW6040) 60mm x 40mm, (FW8030) 80mm x 30mm, (FW8040) 80mm x 40mm


60g, 80g, 120g

Spindle Size

3mm, 6mm

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