Impregnated Walnut Shell Polishing Media for polishing metal

Impregnated Walnut Shell Polishing Media for polishing metal

Polishing media for metals – walnut shells perfect for use in a vibro or rumbler bowl. Walnut Shell Polishing Media is used in Vibratory Rumbler / Tumbler or even Barrel machines for mass finishing metal.

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Walnut Shell Polishing Media – What is it?

These walnut shells have been impregnated with a paste and a very soft grit so that when tumbled with metal objects a very high even mirror finish can be created. A good pre-polish flat surface must be created prior to this for best results.

What metals can I use it on?

Pewter, aluminium, brass, copper. It can even be used on precious metals such as gold and silver.

What will it do?

This media is idea for giving a consistent finish to all metal parts. This polishing media (walnut shells) will leave a smooth, very bright and mirror finish can be created all over the rumbled item. The small grains of media is perfect for small detailed shapes.

How do I get the best results?

This media must be used dry with no added water or compound. Also the size and power of the machine also will have an effect on the finish and process time. The bigger the bowl the better. Generally the longer you leave it in then the better the finish. It is critical to have a good pre-polish flat surface to star with. The end result will depend on how good the pre-finish is. This stage is normally the final stage a plastic or ceramic media should be used before.

Uses for Walnut Shell Polishing Media

  • Polishing all metals including brass, copper, aluminium, steel and stainless steel as well as precious metals including gold and silver.
  • This can be a very lengthy process so the bigger and more powerful the machine the shorter the process.
  • The walnut shells are impregnated with a polish so the action of a vibro machine gently polishes the metal surface.
Weight 25 kg