Ceramic Tumbling Media Triangles 8mm RXF Coarse grade for d-burring and pre-polishing

Ceramic Tumbling Media Triangles 8mm RXF Coarse grade for d-burring and pre-polishing

Ceramic Tumbling Media is perfect for cutting and flattening steel and stainless steel part to prepare them for polishing. This 8mm ceramic triangle stone would be ideal for deburring harder steels and similar metals such as stainless and iron (Ferrous metals). This ceramic media would be ideal to use in a vibro mass finishing machine, use with water and FC120 for best results.

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Ceramic Tumbling Media pre-polishing and deburring media for sale.

Ideal for use in tumbler or vibratory machine for automatic mass finishing. RXF is the most abrasive media we sell in 5kg. It has high grinding properties but leaves a surprisingly smooth finish. The finish is mottled but flat which makes this good media for pre-polishing. We would recommend using this media prior to a Super-Finishing process. This abrasive ceramic tumbling media is a triangle shape which is a very general purpose – good for edges – chamfering and also ok on flat surfaces.

Ceramic media is best for Ferrous metals such as steel and stainless steel.

Ceramic vibratory media RXF is 8x8mm triangles in shape and size so good for small and large components and will reach some details on intricate items.

This Ceramic Tumbling Media media should be used with hard metals such as steel and stainless steel etc. it will deburring and clean most surfaces. Use the media in your tumbler or vibro bowl with water and liquid compound like FC120.

We recommend using this media in a Rosler Vibro mass finishing machine for best results. Vibro finishing works using the weight and mass of the media on the metal components. Make sure your machine is filled with media to ensure the best process.  The Ceramic Tumbling Media needs to be used in a wet process, water must be added to the bowl, too much water will cushion the process and dampen the action. Too little water and the dry media is scratch the metal components. FC120 liquid compound is great for keeping the process clean, degreasing and producing a brighter surface finish.

This media is quite aggressive – so it will cut nicely on steels, blending machine lines and deburring sharp edges. Coarse media tends to break down more rapidly as they are constantly revealing more grit. (so make sure the levels in your machine stay nice and high for consistent finishes.)


Weight 25 kg