5 Assorted Wire wheels – on 6mm shank

5 Assorted Wire wheels – on 6mm shank

£20.15 incl VAT

5 Assorted  Wire Wheels sizes all on a 6mm shank.

Wire wheels are excellent for removing rust, paint, varnish, scale, carbon etc on all metals great of stainless steel and also on softer metals like aluminium.

It will leave an aggressive scratch pattern on the metal.

Max RPM as marked.

*Contents may vary*


£20.15 incl VAT

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Assorted  Wire Wheels assorted kit.

These are on a 6mm spindle so can be used in a drill or tools.

Popular with fabricators, restorers, hobbyists, sculptors etc

Wire pencils, cups and wheels are used for deburring, rust removal, paint removal etc. The 6mm shank makes these pencils, wheels and cups suitable for use with a standard drill, flex shaft, air tool. Do ensure your tool takes a 6mm shank. No compound necessary.

We also have larger wire wheels available and also some smaller pencils for detailed work


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