3M Trizact Abrasive Spirabands

3M Trizact Abrasive Spirabands

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Abrasive Spirabands are excellent for grinding aluminium or steels available in bands and a rubber mandrel creating a cheap abrasive. Ideal for fabricators and metal workers.

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£10.79 incl VAT

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3M Trizact Abrasive Spirabands

3M Trizact consists of identical pyramids uniformly distributed on a foam substrate, in which several layers of an abrasive mineral are embedded. While working with Trizact, these abrasive particles are continuously exposed. This constant abrasive effect produces an especially uniform surface and flawless finish, without recurring scratches and reduces workload saving time and money.

• Pyramidal structure

• Less reworking time

• Uniform removal

• Smooth, uniform and reproducible finish

• Longer life

• Less soiling thanks to foam material

Abrasive spirabands are abrasive coated rings that fit over a rubber mandrel. These holders are sold separately.

The spiraband and holder are both the same size.

Our customers mainly use spirabands for curved surfaces and inside bores, they are liked for their flexibility due to the fact that the rubber mandrel has a little give in it.

Abrasive spirabands can be used for aluminium and steels, thus we find them to be popular with large mould tool polishers, precision engineers, polishers, fabricators.

A range of size and abrasive grits available.

Sold Per 10

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Size and Grade - Per 10

TRIZACT SPIRABANDS A16 (1200grit) 7 x 13, TRIZACT SPIRABANDS A6 (2500g) 7 x 13