Precision polishing, mirror finish, buffering, cleaning, lapping and large scale finishing.

Moleroda Finishing Systems manufacture and supply a huge range of tools for both automatic and manual polishing.

Moleroda recognises that getting the perfect finish has never so important for the engineering industry. Customers are demanding finishing teams achieve the correct RA (Roughness Average) value with no margin for error. This is specifically true for polishing in the aerospace and automotive industries. 

Below is a quick guide to our range of polishing tools:

Carbide burr removing support structures on printed part

Hand Polishing Tools

Hand polishing tools are generally very traditional. We sell a range of fine wet and dry paper, files, cloths and polishing stones.

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Cylinder Carbide Burrs 6mm

Tool Driven Polishing

General polishing of all materials using a rotary drill or micromotor. Our mounted polishing tools give the control and precision that are sometimes hard to achieve with hand held tools.

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Cylinder Carbide Burrs 6mm

Mirror Finishing

A mirror finish is generally achieved by polishing with at least 320 grit and higher. Some of our brands, e.g. Gesswein and Micromesh go far far finer to 8000 grit and beyond allowing you to get the mirror finish you require.

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Cylinder Carbide Burrs 6mm

Polishing Mops, Compounds and Pastes

Polishing aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, gold and silver nearly always require mops and compounds to create a mirror shine.

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Carbide burr blending machine lines on a turbine

Polishing Equipment

Different machines are available for different applications, from bench grinders to precision drills.

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Oval Carbide Burrs 6mm

Automatic Polishing

Manual processes are costly and time consuming and no matter how good the person is it’s hard to be consistent. Robotics are becoming more common place in factorys or in Vibratory finishing or magnetic polishing can even be a cheap way of processing batches of components.

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Hand Polishing Tools

Hand polishing tools are a very traditional method of polishing.  We sell a range of papers and files to help you get the final finish you require.

  • Micromesh files and swabs– hugely popular files and swabs that come in a range of grits and sizes. Files are also available in dual angled to get into tricky spaces
  • Micromesh rolls/ sheets – go to extremely high grades and popular on wood, plastics as well as metals
  • Gesswein wet and dry –  a popular version of wet and dry going to extremely high grades
  • Polishing stones – a huge array of mould polishing stones
  • Ultra Fine Ceramic Stones – These are very popular in the mould and die polishing world and excellent for fine detail work. They are becomeing know in the jewellery industry too for this reason.

Abrasive Hand Tools

Matador Wet and Dry Sheets

£6.50£78.28 incl VAT
£2.08£2.24 incl VAT

Abrasive Hand Tools

Micromesh Angled Flexifiles

£10.12£41.62 incl VAT
£21.24£32.16 incl VAT
£11.38 incl VAT
£8.77 incl VAT

Tool Driven Polishing

Mounted felts are a universal polishing tools used for a broad range of polishing. Felt works as a perfect carrier for polishing compounds to create a bright mirror reflective surface finish.

Moleroda’s mounted RODA felt is used by most precision engineers to get the polished finish required and it comes in a vast range of sizes and on a variety of spindle sizes. Most Importantly the RODA range is made by us here at Moleroda. These all need to be used with compounds.

  • Mounted Conical & Bullnose Felts – Mounted Conical Felts are a pointed cone shape or the bullnose shape are rounded for metal polishing and lapping.
  • Mounted Felt Bobs and Wheels – extremely popular for polishing metal or glass and their shape lends itself to huge array of polishing applications.
  • Mounted Cup Brushes in Bristle, Hair, Steel, Brass and Nylon – particularly useful for delicate cleaning and polishing of small or detailed items
  • Dollie Mops –  used on a bench polisher or air driven tool the small size allows for polishing into small areas. Available in a range of sizes and softness.
  • Dental Felts- shaped points on a 2.35mm (3/32″) spindle – useful for detailed polishing due to their size and different shapes
  • Mounted Wooden Lapping Sticks – hard and soft wood lapping sticks are commonly used for polishing mould tools and tool steel
£7.03£9.82 incl VAT
£10.00£40.51 incl VAT
£8.50£18.86 incl VAT
£8.50£22.46 incl VAT
£1.62£4.75 incl VAT
£11.00£15.00 incl VAT

Mounted Calico, Cotton Yarn, Chamois Mops

RODA Mops – Mounted Calico Polishing Mops

£8.50£36.32 incl VAT

Dollie Polishing Mops

Soft Calico WDR Dollie Mops

£4.26£6.26 incl VAT

Mirror Finishing

Many customers require a blemish free, flat finish that literally means you can see yourself in your material on completition. A mirror finish is achieved differently for different components. For example if you are working with aluminium, the tools you would use to achieve a mirror finish would be different to those if you were working with hard steel. Our technical team can advise on what to use  – contact them today. 

  • Mirror Finishing Compounds – our selection of 3rd stage mirror finishing compounds for metal
  • Ultra Lapping Paste – super-finishing lapping pastes for polishing high precision parts, and hard metal meterials (like tool steel).
  • Gesswein Polishing Sheets – very fine Micron paper for fine finishing and lapping.
  • Micromesh Rolls – highly flexible fine abrasive that can be used for many polishing and abrasive applications on plastic, metal and wood surfaces
  • Diamond Compound –  a toolmakers must have polishing tool. can be used with wood or felt for the ultimate finish.
  • Micro-mesh – range of liquid and pastes for smooth finishes on plastics and acrylics.

Polishing Mops and Compounds

Polishing aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, gold and silver nearly always require mops and compounds to create a mirror shine. Often a three stage process that is required:

The most popular mops to use are Dry Sisals for cutting back, White stitched mops for general polishing and loosefold mops to create a mirror finish.

  • Stage 1: Dry Sisal Mops and coarse cutting compund e.g. Abracut – used with a coarse cutting compound for scratch removal pre-polishing
  • Stage 2: White Stitched Polishing Mops and medium compound for used inbetween cutting and polishing– can be used with a cutting compound or a finishing compound and will do both jobs.
  • Stage 3: Loosefold Soft Polishing Mops and compound for final finish – in a range of materials but most popular is WDR for final polishing to create a bright reflective mirror finish on a metal surface.
£3.06£30.53 incl VAT
£4.13£79.22 incl VAT
£2.54£44.50 incl VAT
£5.38£13.88 incl VAT
£8.41£46.20 incl VAT

Polishing Equipment

The polishing tool you chose to use is only going to work as well as the machine you run it in.  We offer a huge range of tools which vary in quality and price.

  1. Air tools – these generally have a fixed speed or when speed is lowered then torque is lost. They are cheap to run and easy to use.
  2. Micro motors – these machines have improved a lot over the years. Most have excellent torque and variable speed control. Micro motors have lower vibration and noise so offer much more control and have more safety stop options. Extra features like a foot control and reverse rotation allow the operator to have better feel to manipulate the process.
  3. Bench Grinders / polishers with either a loosefold mop, dry sisal or white stitched mop these allow you to hit a bigger surface area in one go. Moleroda offer a range of machines and consumables.
  4. Pendant motors – These machines are very cost effective but also reliable, if you have a small budget then this is a good option.

No more Dremel /Hobby tools for precision engineers!

£708.11 incl VAT
£7.33£218.52 incl VAT

Automatic polishing

Manual processes are costly and time consuming and no matter how good the person is it’s hard to be consistent. Vibratory finishing is a very cheap way to process batches of components.

  • Rolser machines – we offer very delicate process in vibratory finishing machines which uses very light abrasive media so allowing  high precision parts to be cleaned and polished, retaining a bright machine look finish.
  • In CNC sequence or Robotic operated – more and more people are asking for tools to polish  in the machining centre sequence. With clever programming and good abrasives this is now readily achievable.
  • Magnetic Polishing – a new concept in finishing small metal parts. Offering complete uniformity using rotating and magnetic discs.

Contact us for our advice.

Call us to find out the current price for this product
Call us to find out the current price for this product

At Moleroda we know our range of tools inside and out. We can also offer bespoke tools, reliable advice and tips on how to finish your components fast and efficiently.

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