Polishing aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, gold and silver nearly always require mops and compounds to create a mirror shine. 

The most popular mops to use are Dry Sisals for cutting back, White stitched mops for general polishing and loosefold mops to create a mirror finish.

Loosefold Soft Polishing mops

£4.13£79.22 incl VAT

Loosefold Polishing Mops: The softest mops for finishing and creating a high mirror finish on all metals.

White Stitched Polishing mops

£2.54£44.50 incl VAT

Stitched Mops: White Stitched mops are firmer than loosefold and used with either cutting or polishing compound. A Mid stage general purpose mop. 

Dry Sisal Polishing mops

£3.06£30.53 incl VAT

Dry sisal mops are employed with cutting compound for extra cutting mainly on harder metals.

Dollie Polishing Mops: Very small mops for polishing in small, tight areas. Dolly mops come in a range of materials for cutting through to polishing. Can be used on all metals, plastics etc with the right compounds. Dollie mops do not have a washer and range in size from 1″ in size to 3″ in size. They come in a range of 4 materials. 

£1.84£7.48 incl VAT
£5.04 incl VAT
£1.62£4.75 incl VAT

Dollie Polishing Mops

Soft Calico WDR Dollie Mops

£4.26£6.26 incl VAT

Chamois Mops: Chamois is very soft leather; these mops are excellent for Precious Metal Polishing but will create a high finish on all metals and even glass. Very popular with Jewellers. 

Mop Dressers: Essential to maintain your mops by raking them out and keep them clean so they can continue to polish to a high finish day after day.

Air Flow mops allow air circulation into the mop giving a natural cooling effect – They are designed for use on Plastic (including resin) and other temperature sensitive materials.

Airflow Polishing Mops

Airflow Mops for polishing plastics

£28.51£81.13 incl VAT

Abrasives for Power Tools

Double Handle Mop Dresser

£21.88 incl VAT
£16.85£44.47 incl VAT

Mounted Tapered (Trophy) & Bottom Mops: Soft Tapered mops and Bottom mops are designed for polishing the bottom of bowls or polishing inside a tube and all hard to reach areas.

£14.78 incl VAT


Dry Sisal End Mop

£17.39 incl VAT