Mould Tools

Mould Tools

Mould Tools – workshop supplies

Moleroda manufactures and supplies a huge range of tooling for your Mould tool workshop.

You’ll find abrasives and polishing tools to help speed up and create the best results for your tools and dies.

Moleroda offers Ultrasonic polishing, Diprofil filing tools and Micro Motor systems with a full range of rotary tooling with the consumables to work with them.

Moleroda’s range is extensive. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll help you find the product you’re looking for: Contact us here

Mould Tools - Equipment

Equipment – we offer a range of Air driven tooling as well as micro Motor system. Here at Moleroda we offer tools with many functions – filing action, angled heads and Ultrasonic polishing to name a few. Detailed repair welding is also part available with a large range of welding rods and equipment. Diprofil tools for stone and file work are also availble.


Air die grinders

Air Die Grinders are a go-to tool for any workshop. Angled heads for use with Discs or pencil die grinders. We offer a full range for any budget.
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Diprofil & automatic filing

Diprofil & automatic filing is excellent for working on difficult and hard-to-reach surfaces.
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Flexible Shaft Machines

Well built and powerful machines for polishing, finishing and general metal work. Flexible shaft machines offer easy movement for fine detail work.
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Ultrasonic Lapping & Polishing

Ultrasonic polishing machines are widely used in mould tool polishing and lapping. These systems use ultra fine ceramic stones for very precise grinding, lapping and polishing.
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NSK (Eneska) - Micro Motor Systems

Eneska micro motor system offers high torque, variable speed to 60,000rpm with low noise and low vibration. Eneska is a modular system with various heads for angled work, belt sanders and Diprofil options
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URAWA (Uhandy)

Micromotor System Urawa is a clever modular system with a wide range of options to suit a number of industries. Precision engineering to jewellery. Can be added to with a range of fixed and separate handpieces.
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Eneska Laser welding system

ENESKA laser is used for smaller repairs and joining processes. The control of the laser system is performed by means of a touchscreen interface. Open laser welding systems can be operated using a joystick in combination with the 3-axis welding table.
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Tool welding

Range of mould tool repair welding systems. Compact, easy spot, and other welding system tools and accessories.
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Mould Tools - Metal Finishing Compound

Polishing Compounds  Diamond compound is commonly used for creating a high reflective finish on tool steels. Moleroda also offer an range of other paste and compounds: Algolox for polishing aluminium tooling and other lapping fluids and liquids to get the best quality shine is the fewest stages. Getting a Mirror finish on tool steel or softer aluminium tools and dies.

Diamond Polishing

Diamond compound is commonly used for metal polishing. It is used regularly for mould tool and die polishing. The diamond paste come in a range of micron grades.
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Carbide burr blending machine lines on a turbine

Lapping & polishing pastes

The range of polishing pastes, lap-pastes, grinding compound and other polish. Algalox polish for aluminium polishing.
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Mould Tools - Consumables

Consumables – Choosing the right abrasives and mould polishing stones is a very important part of the mould tool polishing process. We offer excellent quality Ceramic stones, Congress stones, wet and dry paper and many other polishing and grinding tooling. We can help from EDM spark removal to micron finishing.

Mounted Felt Points

Felt Polishing Points

Felt is regularly used for polishing. Moleroda manufacture a huge range of felt products.
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Roda Round Hand Pads

Abrasive hand tools

Moleroda manufactures and supplies a huge range of abrasive hand tools to suit most applications. See our full range here.
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Files & Fettling

Moleroda supplies a huge range of files for all types of job and application. See our full range here. Diamond files and Swiss Needle files.
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Mould and Die Polishing Stones

Mould polishing stones

Congress Mould tool stones: EDM, DieStar, MouldMaster to name a few. essential for polishing and stoning moulds.
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ceramic xebec

Ultra fine Ceramic stones

Moleroda supply a range of ultra-fine ceramic stones for mould tool polishing, and small detailed ultrasonic polishing stones.
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Mico-Mesh is an ultra-fine polishing product for ultra-fine polishing and cleaning. Ideal for plastic, glass, acrylics, aluminium, and steels.
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Mould Tools - Extras

Extras – Protection sprays, lights, solvent cleaners are all invaluable consumables for a mould tool or die maker.

Tool room extras


These lights are commonly used by precision engineers and jewellery makers. A must for any inspection room but also essential involving fine detailed work.
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Optivisors and magnifiers are used by precision engineers and jewellers. A must for anyone carrying out fine detailed work.
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Solvent Cleaner

Mould tool sprays

Mould protection sprays, cleaning solvents, lubricants, pickling pastes, and lacquers.
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Moleroda manufactures and supplies a huge range of tooling for your mould tool workshop. Most of the tools, accessories and consumables are made in our UK factory. We manufacture to the highest standards; supplying industry across Europe.

You’ll find abrasives and polishing tools to help speed up and create the best results for your tools and dies.

In addition, Moleroda is the main UK supplier for a range of Ultrasonic polishing, Diprofil filing tools and a full range of rotary tooling machines.