Moleroda is the UK supplier of ENESKA Systems for precision finishing. ENESKA manufacture a range of high quality and robust systems and tools for polishing, grinding and deburring.

ENESKA tools range from laser welding and ultrasonic lapping, to the ENESKA Micromotor systems, perfect for very detailed de-burring, polishing etc.

Moleroda also manufactures a range of hand-pieces that are compatible with the ENESKA range. This includes the RODA range which has toold for deburring and polishing. Take a look at our video of the range here. 

ENESKA Product Guides

You can find more information and product guides on our How to page regarding the Eneska Systems for Precision Finishing. Here you’ll find some hand videos that we’ve put together about how to use some of our best selling systems and tools.

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